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Blog originally posted December 28, 2012 at Travel Impressions Live
Top 10 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding in Cancun

By Linda Benedon
Boca Express Travel
TI & Cancun, Mexico Ambassador

As many times as I’ve been to Cancun, it seems I just keep going back. The beaches call me when I need to relax. The people are so friendly and Cancun is so close it’s easy to escape. Every time I go I find something different and there is always something to go back for. My daughter recently got married in Cancun and it was such an amazing experience… And here are 10 reasons why all newly engaged couples should consider having a destination wedding in Cancun!

1. Free Weddings
Many resorts offer free and/or discounted weddings and wedding planning services when you book a minimum number of guest rooms.

2. Friendly People
It must be the sunshine! Locals, resort staff and guests just seem so relaxed and friendly.

3. Guest List
It’s an excuse to invite as many or as few people as you want.

4. The Beaches
Cancun’s beaches make a gorgeous background for photos and a relaxing place to chill. It’s hard to get too stressed out with your toes in the sand and a drink in your hand.

5. Choice
Cancun features many All-Inclusive resorts to choose from to fit virtually any guest’s budget. Whether your guests want to be pampered in ultra chic suites or need to keep an eye on their budgets, Cancun has a resort to fit everyone’s needs.

6. Expense
A destination wedding can be less expensive than a traditional wedding.

7. Time
Spend days, not hours, with friends and family. It’s hard to spend quality time with everyone when you only have a few hours. With a few days in Cancun, you will have plenty of time to make lasting memories with your guests.

8. Less Stress
With all or many of the details taken care of by the wedding coordinator and/or resort staff, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself, visit with friends and family or grab a drink and stick your toes in the sand.

9. Beautiful Ceremony Locations
There is a gorgeous setting perfect for you in Cancun. Whether you want to be married on a rooftop deck, poolside, in a garden, on the beach, or in a beach-front chapel, Cancun has the perfect unique spot for you.

10. Location
Cancun is close, but still exotic. You can have the unique destination wedding of your dreams in Cancun without long flights and being too far from home.