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Terms and Conditions

By booking with Boca Express Travel, Inc., you agree to the terms and conditions contained herein. Any payment constitutes acceptance of these terms. All policies, procedures and terms contained herein are subject to change at any time without notice at the supplier’s sole discretion. Group vacations have special terms and conditions- please refer to your group contract. All communications, including questions about changes, cancellations, payments and refunds, must be directed to Boca Express Travel, Inc. We reserve the right to charge service fees and/or additional cancellation fees in addition to the supplier’s fees.

1. Operations

Programs are sold and are operated by independent third-party suppliers and have separate terms and conditions.  Standard policies, payments and penalties outlined below may be more restrictive during holidays and special events.


1.     Bookings, Deposits & Payments
Boca Express Travel, Inc accepts most forms of payment cash, check, credit card, debit card and gift cards.  Our preferred credit card for additional benefits is an American Express credit card.


2.     Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations require you to provide your full name exactly as it appears on your travel documents, date of birth, and gender at the time of booking for the purpose of watch-list screening. Failure to provide this information will result in you not being allowed to travel. For details, visit


3.     Prices for cruises, tours, airline tickets, etc. are not guaranteed until required payment is received by the supplier.     

2. Travel Protection
We strongly recommend the purchase Travel Protection for your trip.  If you decline Travel Protection a waiver must be signed and returned.

3. Changes, Cancellations & Refunds
All changes and cancellations are subject to availability, limitations, restrictions, and fees imposed by Boca Express Travel, Inc. as well as its travel suppliers. Many airfares and hotel reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable.  You may be charged up to 100% cancellation/change penalties. Changes to or cancellation of a Basic Economy flight will result in forfeiture of tickets. Passengers who do not travel are subject to 100% cancellation penalties.

If you cancel your vacation or change your departure date, flight, duration, class of service, name, departure city, or destination, the change fees are payable by you. Significant additional penalties may apply. If the number of individuals occupying a room changes due to a cancellation or booking change, the remaining traveler(s) will be responsible for any additional costs incurred as a result of a change in the per person occupancy rate. If all travelers change, it is considered a new booking and cancellation fees will apply. Non-refundable hotels incur penalties upon deposit. Once travel has begun, there will be no refunds for any unused or partially used travel component for any reason.

Cancellation and Revisions


Published airfare

100% non-refundable unless purchased as refundable airfare.

Boca Express Travel Charges a $39 per person change fee in addition to any applicable carrier charges.

Land package/Tours

Cancellation and penalties are determined by the travel company.

$100 per person Boca Express Travel cancellation fee


Cancellation and penalties are determined by the cruise line and can be found on their confirmations.

$100 per person Boca Express Travel cancellation fee


Plan to go fees



Boca Express Travel plan to go fee is non-refundable

Start at $200 and increase based on complexity of the itinerary and number of travelers


* Some suppliers may have stricter deposit policies.

4. Credit Card Transactions & Chargebacks
When business is conducted via the use of credit or debit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Diners club and American Express, you will be required to provide a signed authorization form for every transaction relating to your vacation (a separate form will be supplied for your signature). Your authorization, be it the full formal authorization or the shortened text version of authorization is a binding agreement for us to charge your card and as such, you waive any right to a chargeback in the case of a cancellation for any cause (except fraud), including a force majeure event and agree to the refund policies dictated by the travel supplier.  In the event a client attempts to chargeback, reverse, or recollect a payment already made without our express written consent, we reserve the right to collect all additional costs, fees and expenses associated with such chargeback, reversal or recollection including, without limitation, attorney fees and the Boca Express Travel, Inc. cancellation fee of $100.00 per person

If for any reason, any travel service provider is unable to provide the services for which you have contracted, your remedy lies against the provider, and not against Boca Express Travel, Inc. If the credit card is declined, you guarantee that you will settle any amounts owed to Boca Express Travel, Inc. via money order or cash immediately.

5. Travel Documents

An itinerary will be mailed to you upon agreement of these terms.  Please review the itinerary carefully to ensure that all the information is correct and passenger names exactly match your Proof of Citizenship. If you discover an error, please contact your travel advisor immediately.  

6. Required Entry/ Re-entry Documentation
Proper documentation is YOUR responsibility. The following information is based on current requirements for U.S. citizens at time of publication. This information may change.  See your travel advisor or contact your destination consulate for the most current requirements on your travel date. 
Passengers returning to the U.S. by air from any international destination must have a valid passport, and may be denied boarding by the airline if the passport is damaged, mutilated, or has excessive wear. A “Passport Card” is not acceptable. If your name on your passport (or for non-U.S. citizens, “valid travel documents”) does not match your name on your travel reservations, you will not be allowed to travel. A passport valid for up to 6 months past the date of completed travel is required when traveling internationally. Married or divorced women traveling under names other than what is printed on their travel documents must supply a marriage license and/or divorce decree. For details on how to obtain a passport, contact your local courthouse or post office. If you are not a U.S. citizen, contact your destination’s consulate or embassy to determine required entry documents.

Passports are NOT required for travel within the continental U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, travel to these U.S. destinations/ U.S. territories requires a valid state/government-issued picture I.D. or valid state-issued driver’s license that is compliant with the Real ID ACT. Passed by Congress in 2005, the REAL ID Act established minimum ID security standards and prohibits federal agencies, like TSA, from accepting licenses and identification cards for official purposes from states that do not meet these standards. Passengers traveling domestically with a driver’s license issued by a state that is not compliant with the REAL ID ACT (and has not been granted an extension) will need to show an alternative form of acceptable identification for domestic air travel to board their flight. To check whether your state is compliant or has an extension, visit If your state-issued ID or driver’s license is not compliant, visit for alternate forms of acceptable ID.  Due to COVID-19, the deadline for domestic airline passengers to secure a Real ID driver’s license for use as identification at the airport has been moved back one year. Enforcement is now due to begin on October 1, 2021. Any passenger who is denied boarding due to lack of proper documentation will have their vacation cancelled. Failure to comply with the above requirements will result in you not being allowed to travel and no refund will be given.

7. Traveling Minors
For certain countries, a notarized consent from both parents or legal guardian(s) is required for children younger than 18 years old traveling with one parent, or in someone else's custody; or a notarized birth certificate showing only one parent, a parent's death certificate, or a court order of child custody MAY also be permissible. Be sure to check with your travel advisor, inquire with your destination‘s consulate, or visit websites such as or Mexican-born minors under 18 years of age traveling alone or with someone other than a parent or legal guardian, require special documentation to depart Mexico, even if the Minor is a Dual Mexican Citizen. For details, contact the Mexican embassy or click here. Some airlines may require documentation for children traveling without their legal guardian beyond what is mandated by the destination country- contact your airline directly for details.

8. Denial of Entry
Certain countries may deny entry to travelers with even a minor criminal record, and if not a U.S. citizen, entry back into the U.S. Check with the U.S. Embassy and the embassy or consulate of the country being visited to ensure you can travel as planned. Boca Express Travel does not accept responsibility if you are denied entry and cancellation penalties apply.

9. Flights & Airport Check-in
Your flight information will appear on the booking confirmation issued when you make your deposit, and on your electronic travel documents issued upon full payment. All flight times are subject to change without notice. We strongly suggest that you reconfirm exact flight times with the carrier 24 hours prior to departure and again before departing for the airport. For international flights, we recommend arriving at the airport at least three hours prior to your scheduled departure time to allow time to check in and get through Security. For domestic flights, we recommend that you arrive two hours prior to travel but no later than one hour prior to travel. If you do not have pre-assigned seats and have seat preferences, we recommend that you arrive early as seats will be assigned upon check-in based on availability. Pre-assigned seat selection is at the discretion of the air carrier and may require payment of an additional fee.

If you do not check in at the airport or gate by the required time, or do not possess proper documentation, you will be denied boarding and will not be eligible for a refund. Additionally, if you fail to check in for your flight without prior cancellation, you are considered a no-show and will not be eligible for a refund. Travel Protection does not cover the instances noted above. Boca Express Travel assumes no responsibility for any passengers making independent connections to flights booked through Boca Express Travel. Some airlines do not charge for infants under two years of age, but the infant must sit on an adult’s lap. Other airlines do charge for infants or infant air-related taxes. Please check with your air carrier. If an infant reaches the age of two at any time during the vacation, federal law requires the purchase of a separate seat for any remaining portions of the flight. Some countries charge infant departure taxes.

10. Package Pricing - Exclusions
If you have not paid for your vacation in full, you will be responsible for any increases in the price of any and all components of the vacation package. Boca Express Travel, Inc. reserves the right to re-invoice your reservation should an error be made in computing your vacation price. You may incur additional expenses that are not included in the package price, including but not limited to: gratuities, meals and beverages; passport/visa fees; airline seat assignments and baggage fees; departure taxes, environmental levies and hotel energy surcharges; resort fees, car seats; rental cars; transfers, optional excursions; and items of a personal nature. Rates for packages including a rental car do not include state/local taxes, gasoline, optional insurance, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), under-age driver charges if under the age of 25, or airport charges, which are payable directly to the rental car company.

11. Special Requests
If you request special arrangements such as adjoining rooms/room locations, bedding requests, specific assistance or special meals, we will pass your request to the vendor on your behalf. However, since these requests lie outside our contracts with our suppliers, we cannot guarantee special requests unless otherwise stated.

12. Handicapped Services and Facilities
Should you desire any special service or equipment to assist with a disability, please let us know in advance so we can advise the air carrier or resort (services vary by carrier and resort). Although we will do our best to assist you, Boca Express Travel, Inc. does not guarantee the availability of wheelchairs at any airport. Wheelchair accessible rooms may be requested but cannot be guaranteed. Standards vary by property and country, may not be consistent with the standards required by the Americans With Disabilities Act, and are not within the control of Boca Express Travel.

13. Luggage & Personal Property
Many airlines charge fees for checked and/or carry-on bags. Fees vary and are set by each air carrier. Information on carrier baggage policy and fees, liability for lost, misconnected and damaged baggage or other personal property can be obtained by contacting the air carrier directly, or by requesting them at the airport. Carry-on luggage is limited to one bag per person and must be small enough to fit beneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin (please refer to your airline for exact allowance). Excess/oversized baggage may be denied at check-in or subject to additional charges. Boca Express Travel, Inc. accepts no liability for loss or damage to luggage and recommends a TSA approved lock. All lost or damaged luggage must be reported to an airline representative at the destination airport by the passenger before you leave the airport. Some airlines do not cover damage to soft-sided luggage.

14. Advice to International Passengers on Limitation of Liability
Passengers embarking upon a journey involving an ultimate destination or a stop in a country other than the country of departure are advised that the provisions of an international treaty (the Warsaw Convention, the 1999 Montreal Convention, or other treaty), as well as a carrier's own contract of carriage or tariff provisions, may be applicable to their entire journey, including any portion entirely within the countries of departure and destination. The applicable treaty governs and may limit the liability of carriers to passengers for death or personal injury, destruction or loss of, or damage to, baggage, and for delay of passengers and baggage. Additional protection can usually be obtained by purchasing insurance from a private company. Such insurance is not affected by any limitation of the carrier's liability under an international treaty. For further information please consult your airline or insurance company representative. For such passengers on a journey to, from, or with an agreed stopping place in the United States of America, the Convention(s) provide (1) that the liability of carriers for death of or personal injury to passengers of up to 128,821 Special Drawing Rights per passenger shall not depend on negligence on the part of the carrier, and (2) such liability shall be limited to 128,821 Special Drawing Rights per passenger in the absence of negligence or other wrongful act or omission on the part of the carrier.  Additional information on Special Drawing Rights is available at For international travel (including domestic portions of international journeys) to, from, or with an agreed stopping place in the United States of America, liability for loss, delay, or damage to baggage is limited to 1,288 Special Drawing Rights per passenger for all baggage, including carry-on. Excess valuation may be declared on certain types of articles. Further information may be obtained from the air carrier. For domestic flights, the current maximum liability is capped at $3,500.  For most international flights, a treaty called the Montreal Convention applies to the carriage of baggage.  The maximum baggage liability for flights covered by the Montreal Convention is currently 1,288 Special Drawing Rights.

15. Air Carriers
We have made arrangements for air transportation to your vacation destination via regularly scheduled certificated air carriers or other air carriers who have duly filed with and are authorized to operate air transportation and public charter transportation by the U.S. Department of Transportation.  All air travel is subject to the terms and conditions of the operating air carrier. When you fly to and from your destination the Conditions of Carriage apply, some of which limit or exclude liability. The Conditions of Carriage are available on the air carrier's website or by request at the airport.

16.  Car Rental

Minimum age requirements may apply, contact the rental car company for specific information. A valid driver's license and major credit card in the driver's name are required.  Car rental companies reserve the right to place a hold on funds on your credit card until the car is returned. The dollar amount of the hold varies by rental company.

17. Hazardous Materials Restrictions and Insecticide Notice
Federal law forbids the carriage of hazardous materials aboard aircraft in your luggage or on your person. A violation can result in five years' imprisonment and penalties of $250,000 or more (49 U.S.C. 5124). Hazardous materials include explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives and radioactive materials. Examples: Paints, lighter fluid, fireworks, tear gases, oxygen bottles, and radio-pharmaceuticals. There are special exceptions for small quantities (up to 70 ounces total) of medicinal and toilet articles carried in your luggage and certain smoking materials carried on your person. Special restrictions and limitations for transporting Hazardous Materials and specifically Lithium Ion batteries, refer to for more information. In the event a carry-on bag cannot be accommodated in the passenger cabin and has to be placed below in a cargo bin for any reason, any electronic device or spare Lithium-ion or any other type of battery permitted in carry-on baggage MUST be removed from the carry-on bag and remain in the possession of the passenger in the passenger cabin. For further information, contact your airline representative. Some countries may require aircraft cabin insecticide treatment for in-bound foreign flights. A list of such countries is available at

18. Health & Safety Tips for Travelers
We strongly recommend that you visit the U.S. Department of State website, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website,, which include important information on foreign travel such as travel advisories, warnings and restrictions issued by the U.S. government. You are responsible for complying with the health requirements of the countries you intend to visit. Check with your physician regarding any immunizations that may be recommended or required. Use common sense while vacationing abroad. For example, if you choose to drink alcohol, do so in moderation. In addition, be cognizant of the effects of mixing alcohol and certain medications. Should someone in your party become ill, alert the resort front desk for immediate medical attention or call the emergency number provided by the resort. Also advise your Resort Representative as soon as possible, who may be able to provide assistance. If you have medical issues or concerns about medical services, we urge you to contact your resort, tour operator or cruise line with specific questions. Please be aware that medical standards and training of emergency responders and medical facilities vary greatly, and health care abroad may not be the same as you might expect at home. It may be standard policy for hospitals and medical providers abroad to require cash payment upfront for services. Check with your insurance provider regarding claims for reimbursement. Sports and aquatic equipment, especially scuba gear, may not meet U.S. safety standards and many resort pools and beaches may lack lifeguards. Balcony railing heights in Mexico are lower than the mandated heights in the United States, and also may be lower in other countries. Low balcony railings create a risk of falls, which may result in serious injury or death. Bottled drinking water is recommended. By offering for sale travel to particular destinations, Boca Express Travel, Inc does not represent or warrant that travel to such destination is without risk, and is not liable for any damages or losses that may result from travel.

19. Post-Vacation Concerns
If you have a complaint while on vacation you must provide Boca Express Travel, Inc with a reasonable opportunity to rectify the issue during your vacation by promptly notifying your supplier who will make every effort to assist. If the matter cannot be settled on the spot, please contact your travel advisor immediately upon your return. Please understand that we cannot consider post-vacation submissions if you did not provide Boca Express Travel, Inc. with a reasonable opportunity to assist you during your trip.

Boca Express Travel, Inc’s Responsibility
Boca Express Travel, Inc. makes arrangements with third party suppliers as independent contractors for the various components that comprise your vacation package. We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that proper arrangements have been made for your vacation. However, Boca Express Travel, Inc. is not an agent of these independent travel providers and we expressly disclaim any liability for their actions or omissions. Service providers reserve the right to refuse service to travelers at their sole discretion. Boca Express Travel, Inc. assumes no liability for the acts of the service provider in refusing service. Boca Express Travel, Inc is not responsible under any circumstances for any injury or damages you may suffer in connection with air or ground transportation, hotel accommodations, cruise or other travel or excursion services arranged by Boca Express Travel, Inc. Furthermore, Boca Express Travel, Inc. and our third-party suppliers do not control and cannot be responsible for bodily injury, property damage or other loss or damage caused by factors beyond their control, including but not limited to: air turbulence, flight delays, extreme weather, government restrictions or regulations, strikes, war, acts of terrorism, mechanical breakdown, sickness or disease, epidemics or pandemics, quarantine, your physical, medical or mental disabilities, your failure to obtain valid travel documents or to follow travel instructions resulting in  denied entry at destination or re-entry into U.S., and  failure related to the public internet, telephone or other communication lines. Neither Boca Express Travel, Inc. nor these third party suppliers, or their respective subagents, shall be held liable for loss or damage to property or injury of person arising out of events of force majeure, including but not limited to strikes, war, acts of terrorism, extreme weather, flight delays or turbulence, quarantine, sickness, government restrictions or regulations, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of such parties.

By booking with Boca Express Travel, Inc., you waive any claim against Boca Express Travel, Inc and their respective officers, directors, employees, contractors, and agents, for any loss of or damage to property or injury to any person caused by reason of (i) any defect, negligence, or other wrongful act or omission or any failure of performance of any kind by any airline, hotel, ground transportation, or other travel provider, (ii) any claim for inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, mental distress or other similar claim, (iii) any delayed departure, missed connection, substitute accommodation, termination of service or change in fares or rates, and (iv) overbooking, flight cancellation, lost or misconnected baggage, or any claim arising of the air transportation portion of any vacation package. Under no circumstances will Boca Express Travel, Inc. be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages arising from the provision of our travel services or vacation packages. Some hotel room images on our promotional materials and our website do not depict the standard room category. Maps not to scale. Boca Express Travel, Inc. is not responsible for omissions or errors.

Certain exclusions may not apply in some jurisdictions. If you have a claim or dispute with any of the travel or excursion providers, we will provide you with as much assistance as reasonably possible.

COVID-19 Disclaimer

On the date indicated on my signed authorization form, I requested that Boca Express Travel (“Agency”) make one or more travel bookings on my behalf. As the worldwide COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic remains ongoing at this time, I acknowledge that for this reason, and other reasons not reasonably foreseeable at this time, these travel plans may be interrupted or cancelled by the supplier that is providing them, a government entity or other third party over which Agency has no control. I further acknowledge that the supplier’s own cancellation, rebooking and refund policies, subject to any applicable law that is now or may later be in effect, will govern my rights and remedies, including my right to receive a refund, in such an event. Moreover, I understand that should I elect to purchase travel insurance, the terms of the policy will dictate whether, and to what extent, coverage for any financial loss may exist under the circumstances. By signing this authorization form, I hereby agree to hold Agency harmless and release it from any and all liability for any damages, including but not limited to monetary losses, I may incur as a result of such interruption or cancellation of these travel plans.